Question of the Day: Who’s Pregnant?


Yes! Montreal is pregnant by SCA Peruvian Shawnee.

Today we are doing ultrasounds. On our farm the alpacas are hand-bred, meaning that we put a female and a male in a run together and they breed. We observe this and record the information. Two weeks later we repeat this process. Once the female is pregnant she will spit at the male when we put him in the pen with her. We call this a behavior test. Once the girl is “spitting off” the male, we schedule her for an ultrasound. The first one is usually 30-60 days after date of conception.


Girls waiting outside for their ultrasounds.

waitingus209Waiting. Note SCA Peruvian Magnum in the background, hoping that several of them are not pregnant so he can breed them again.

carmenus09Carmen – pregnant by Magnum! Love this Camillio x Misty Maiden cross.

aweus209Sierra Echo’s Heartfelt Awe – is she pregnant by Magnum?

aweus09Yes! “Awe” – Congratulations Sierra Echo Alpacas!

doegettinreadyGetting Doe prepped and ready.

doeus209Doe is getting her ultrasound.

doeus09Doe’s mini-cria by Magnum! Congratulations Humming Star Alpacas!

sheilaus209Wombat’s That Sheila’s A Looker – a rockstar momma alpaca


Sheila’s mini babe via Magnum. And there was much rejoicing…

tapiokultrasound209Tapioka, mother of Claire. We loved Claire so much we repeated the pairing.


Tapioka’s next baby by Luminescence!

All in all, our veterinarian performed 12 ultrasounds, and we have 11 confirmed pregnancies. Excellent results. We will look for cria this Fall from: Awe, Isolde, Tapioka, Sheila, Montreal, Nevoso, Princess Quita, Doe, Sable, Carmen, and Loretta! This Fall we will see the first cria from our AOBA Champion males, SCA Peruvian Shawnee and M Horatio by Magnum. Exciting!


  1. Congrats on the babies! It will be busy at your house this fall!

    P.S. I’m sure your vet will also appreciate not showing any pictures of him putting his arm you know where….LOL

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  2. Nice article! And very interesting.

    Congrats to all involved!

  3. Hi Katy,
    Congratulations on all of the Pregancies. You will be busy next winter!I like the posting, it keeps us going with our business plan.

  4. Sheila is a HOTTIE!!

    Congrats on all the newbie babies to be!!! if you need a babysitter you know who to call.

    Karissas last blog post..Wake N Bake Wednesday The BEST Blueberry Pancakes!

  5. Oh yeah Karissa! You are at the top of the list.

  6. Wow…they are so beautiful. I wish camels were that cute!

    Congrats on you newest additions, can’t wait to see the babies!

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