Welcome Jubilee to the Farm

And To the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay!



We live on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay in Alabama. Mobile Bay consists of both salt water from the Gulf of Mexico and fresh water from rivers.  Lots of seafood live in this estuary, and a fascinating phenomenon occurs here that is called a Jubilee.

Wikipedia describes a Jubilee as a natural phenomenon that occurs sporadically on the shores of Mobile Bay, a large body of water on Alabama’s Gulf Coast. During a jubilee many species of crab and shrimp, as well as flounder, eels, and other fish will leave deeper waters and congregate—in large numbers and very high density—in a specific, shallower coastal area of the bay. A jubilee is a celebrated event on Mobile Bay, and it attracts large crowds drawn by the promise of abundant and easy-to-catch seafood.

jubilee2Although jubilees have been reported in other regions, Mobile Bay is the only body of water where the regular appearance of this phenomenon has been documented. When a jubilee is spotted, people living near the shore will often ring bells and call out to alert their neighbors so that everyone can rush down to the water with washtubs, gigs and nets, and gather a bountiful—and easily reaped—harvest of seafood. As jubilees only happen on warm summer nights, often in the early pre-dawn hours, the event takes on the aspect of a joyous community beach party, with lights shining into the Bay water.

Ever since I have lived in this area, I have wanted to name an alpaca after the “Jubilee”. When I went outside last night to give Merry her bottle, I found this fabulous new cria! Though she didn’t arrive in the pre-dawn hours, her arrival at dusk was unique. We weren’t expecting SiSi’s cria yet (she was due 5/21) and since she has had two white cria for us, we were surprised to see this richly colored fawn FEMALE by Magnum! For the past two years, SiSi has thrown the finest cria on the farm (lowest average fiber diameter). She is a very special alpaca.

A welcome Jubilee!

A welcome Jubilee!

Jubilee and dam SiSi

Jubilee and dam SiSi

She's Got Milk!

She's Got Milk!

Serendipity for our farm!


  1. Isn’t that so sweet! Welcome to the world Jubilee!

    The Jubilee reminds me of the grunion run in So Cal.

    Sue Kennens last blog post..Need Volunteers………

  2. Congratulations! Can I touch her? ( I so want to)

  3. What a cutie! She’s beautiful!

    TexasReds last blog post..Progress on Wedding Wall Hanging

  4. Katy,
    She is beautiful….take a look at our newest called Zori at dayattheranch.wordpress.com Little girls – sweet!!

  5. Just adorable;)

  6. Oh my! What a beauty and I love the name..she looks very befitting to it. Congrats!

  7. She is so sweet and a gorgeous colour. A lovely name for a lovely reason.

    KnitCaves last blog post..Frome Shopping with Love

  8. What a beautiful darling baby Jubilee is! So tiny!

  9. bcfarmlady says:

    OH she is so cute. I would love to have a nice fawn girl like that ! Fawn is my favorite color. I have one due very soon, so I’m hoping for a “jubilee” too.

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    alpaca farmss last blog post..Raising Alpacas

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  12. Crab jubilees happen because the water has become oxygen-poor and the crabs can’t survive in the waters.

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