Meet George & Martha the Alpacas


President’s Day was busy at our house. Our twins were in a Mardi Gras parade so we were off the farm most of the day. We came back to find an unexpected cria. None of our dams were due for a few more days so we weren’t really looking for any new cria…

Yet here was one. He was so cute. All wet and shiny out in the sunny, chilly day. I ran to the barn to get some towels to dry him off. He looked to be a beige male, full brother to last year’s Clark. As I sat at my desk in my office writing down the new cria’s vital statistics on his new chart, the Artist opened the door and said, “Well, I guess since it’s President’s Day we could name them Abraham Lincoln and George Washington or something.”

Everyone at my house is always trying to name the cria. I had already chosen a name for this little beige cria, and I was about to write that name on the chart. So I was trying to think of  a diplomatic way to tell him that: 1. I already named this cria, and 2. there would only be one cria today, because there were no other alpacas due. (I am such a know it all)

My head was still bent over the desk as I heard him in the doorway clear his throat again and say, “Well, we are going to have TWO placentas…”

At this point a question bubble must have appeared above my head and I finally looked up from my paperwork. I turned and saw him standing in the doorway holding another cria! This one was completely dry, older somehow, yet newborn.

Bella’s baby!” I shrieked, knowing immediately who the dam was. This cria looked exactly like another of Bella’s cria, Blakeny, and Bella was the next alpaca due.

“Is it a girl?” I asked.

“I have no idea.” he answered.

I lifted up the tail as he was holding her, and screamed with joy, “It’s a girl!” No Abraham Lincoln here. Trying to think of a woman President, my mind thought, “Hilary, wait no, she never got elected…”



So we chose…George and Martha as their names to honor our first President and his wife.

I am a big fan of George Washington. I love that he was a farmer and love reading about him and his life. I admire him and what he stood for. George is the perfect name for this little alpaca who is turning into quite a force. Martha suits the little girl quite well too.

We were so blessed with these wonderful cria on President’s Day.

Apparently Martha arrived early in the day, dried herself off, made herself at home, and needed no human intervention at all even though it was a chilly February day – Rock On GIRL!

Geroge and Martha

Martha and George

And George is a star himself. An awesome boy with fleece that is out of this world. He has a cool beard of fiber and he is personality plus. I feel bad that I was disappointed for a minute that he was a boy because now he is really bringing it. George has definitely won my heart!

I call George and Martha my “day twins” because even though they aren’t related at all, they were born on the same day and lived in the same pen for many days. They are in tune with each other like twins are, and have a special bond.

Do you know animals who have a special bond or who were born close to each other? Leave a comment and tell us about them.


  1. I’m in love…..again!!!!
    .-= janet´s last blog ..Ribbon Candy in Citron and Blossom Scarf with Shipping Included =-.

  2. The names are perfect for them. Too cute!
    .-= Paula´s last blog ..To Do List =-.

  3. When my (not so little anymore) llama Jazzy was introduced into the herd he and his full brother Boone started running together like they hadn’t missed a day, even though they hadn’t seen each other in over a year. They still stick together, they cause more trouble than all the other llamas and alpacas we’ve had combined; I’ve lost track of the number of fences they’ve broken, jumped, or otherwise escaped.
    .-= Erin (Literateknits)´s last blog ..Review: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies =-.

  4. They are SO cute! You must be so tickled!

    I used to have four cats and two of them had a very special bond. when Sammy, the oldest one died at age 16, Tommy, the other little cat, kept looking for him everyplace. We liked to think Sammy’s spirit came back to visit and check on Tommy.
    .-= Joan´s last blog ..Add Pom Poms and Knitted Flowers to Your Knitted Creations =-.

  5. Thank you for sharing your sweet story about George and Martha- what perfect names for the pair! I love the bond they have developed – I’ve heard that happening with pets, although we haven’t experienced a bond like that between any of ours – maybe because they aren’t the same ages?
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..Suri and Silk =-.

  6. Awwww!!
    .-= miss julep´s last blog ..Wake up, it’s time to celebrate… =-.

  7. George and Martha are so cute! I just want to give them great big hugs.
    .-= Ida´s last blog ..Reconverted? It’s About the Socks =-.

  8. Day Twins such a nice reference. Pretty babies.

  9. I DO have 2 who appear joined at the hip! 1/2 brothers born 6 weeks apart are so tightly bonded that I fear peril if I try to separate them! One white-(ish) & the other black-(ish) I should have named them Salt & Pepper. Instead, CJ & CD…maybe I should blend their cria fiber together-how pretty that may be?!

  10. They are beautiful! Congratulations!Love the names too! :-)

  11. Just found your blog on Life on a Southern Farm’s favorite’s list. Your new babies are beautiful – congratulations! I’m off now to read some of your other stories. :-)
    .-= Farmgirl_dk´s last blog ..Spitting as a form of communication, part 1 =-.

  12. BevKnits says:

    Ugh, they are TOO cute!

  13. Cute! My parents have 2 barn cats that they rescued from 2 separate litters when they were both kittens and they are very close… also, my parents horses are the same way. They’re the same age and were raised together and cry when they’re apart.
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Square Crochet Hook Review =-.

  14. They are just precious! I adore the names. There is a farm near me that has a knack for holiday cria. She had Hope born on 9/11 and Elvira Boo on Halloween along with a few others. I love how you have done this too.
    .-= wonderwhygal´s last blog ..Miniature Schnauzer – A Jedi Knight? =-.

  15. They really are just perfect :) (ps martha’s photo is showing a broken link)
    .-= Dawn´s last blog ..Rules to being a successful mommy blogger – according to @kaisermommy =-.

  16. I love the names, and what a pleasant surprise for you!
    .-= Thea´s last blog ..Along (s) =-.

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