Alpacas To Help Fight Gulf Oil Spill (Nat. Geo Video)

Four alpacas from our local Gulf Coast zoo “donate” their fiber to soak up oil from the the oil spill in the Gulf. Learn more in this informative video from National Geographic.

(See if you notice anyone we know doing the shearing in that video. Leave a comment and tell me if you recognize that ole buddy of Alpaca Farmgirl’s!)


  1. Thanks for the over view.

  2. The whole issue is very unforunate for the environmental life and for the economy in a number of different points. This issue would have been retricted however sometimes calamities occur. BP should be held accountable for this unfortunate oil spill.

  3. The oil spill in the gulf is surely one of the most disgraceful events of the 21st century. While the attack of 9/11 was constrained within that relatively small area of ground zero, this oil spill has effects all the way out across the sea, upon wildlife, long stretches of coast as well as local tourism and other industry. I truly pray that this disgrace to BP is sorted out as soon as possible.

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