New Alpaca Cria This Spring

Alpaca Cria

We’ve had twelve cria so far this Spring. Here are a few of the little cuties!

Elite Alpaca Cria

This little girl is a Magnum daughter, out of one of our best females, Fashionista.


This little guy is sporting a new Spring haircut.

Alpaca Cria

This is a Magnum son out of our Archangel daughter, Guardian Angel.

Alpaca Cria

Here’s another pretty Magnum daughter we just sold.

Alpaca Cria

Another lovely sold beauty.

Alpaca Cria

This little guy is an Avatar grandson out of a gorgeous grey mom, Mia.

Alpaca cria

Another sold boy. He looks so much like Mia’s cria! They run around together. It’s precious.

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Have a Happy Spring!


  1. I think I’m in a cute coma with all of these lovely cria pics!

  2. They are all such a cutey!! Very adorable…I’m so lucky to see them even only through pics! Love all these crias. thanks for sharing :)

  3. These little guys are too much. Adorable.

  4. Are you kidding me. “Fashionista”, that is awesome.

  5. They all look like they can “Pose” for the camera, and smiling!

  6. Thank you for sharing! ;) They’re all cutie pies. My favorite’s the top shot.

  7. Squee! Too cute! I wish I had some land so that I could get my own herd xx

  8. There is something particularly special about cria! I love that they are so uncoordinated, all neck and legs!

  9. I agree! They are darling! :)

  10. You’re so welcome! I love showing off my babies. And he’s THE cutest thing, I agree.

  11. One of my favorite names, too! Inspired by one of my daughters. :)

  12. They are simply the most adorable babies! They just say “sweetness”….

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