New Alpaca Cria This Spring

Alpaca Cria

We’ve had twelve cria so far this Spring. Here are a few of the little cuties!

Elite Alpaca Cria

This little girl is a Magnum daughter, out of one of our best females, Fashionista.


This little guy is sporting a new Spring haircut.

Alpaca Cria

This is a Magnum son out of our Archangel daughter, Guardian Angel.

Alpaca Cria

Here’s another pretty Magnum daughter we just sold.

Alpaca Cria

Another lovely sold beauty.

Alpaca Cria

This little guy is an Avatar grandson out of a gorgeous grey mom, Mia.

Alpaca cria

Another sold boy. He looks so much like Mia’s cria! They run around together. It’s precious.

We’ve run out of room at Fairhope Alpacas so we’re having a BIG HERD REDUCTION SALE!

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Have a Happy Spring!

Our Alpaca Farm is Staying in Alabama


New cria grazes

Yes, that’s the news. We’re not moving.

We tried to sell our farm a while back, but with the economy the way it has been – it didn’t sell. Some other things happened, and we took the farm off the market last year. After much thought and prayer, we’ve decided to stay in Alabama. We love it here. The kids have amazing schools, and Jim loves the warmer climate. It’s hard being far from Jim’s kids, that part is rough. And we have more alpacas now than our farm can comfortably house because we were planning to have a larger farm by now.

So we’re downsizing our herd – our prices are rock bottom right now to make room for the 40 cria we’re expected to have this year!  Check out the great deals here and come visit Fairhope Alpacas in Alabama.

God Made a Farmer – Best Superbowl Commercial 2013

I know that alpacas were in the Lincoln car commercial, and they even showed a baby alpaca for a split second in the humorous Kia “Space Babies” commercial (about 17 seconds in). It’s always great for alpacas to be featured in “mainstream” media. There are still lots of folk who aren’t familiar with alpacas and even more who confuse them with llamas…I’m an alpaca ambassador all the way.

But nothing could have prepared me for the ad that stole the show during last night’s Super Bowl – if you’ve ever had the slightest interest in farming – it will give you chills. The Dodge Ram ad featuring Paul Harvey’s piece “On the Eighth Day God Made A Farmer” moved me and made me sit a little taller, proud to be a farmer. Enjoy and share with a farmer you love.