Alpaca Fiber Easter Egg Craft Project

Felted Easter Eggs

Felted Easter Eggs

from Ann Merriwether, Nyala Farm Alpacas

This Fun Project really celebrates Spring. In this project you will learn how how to make

Two Kinds of Alpaca Fiber Felted Easter Eggs

n747085405_2844048_4111964Get some of those plastic eggs and get ready to felt around them. With these directions you can make two kinds of Easter eggs.
For the first kind you need:
• Carded dyed fiber
• Plastic Easter eggs
• Soap (Dawn dish washing liquid works well)
• A large dish with warm water
• An old knee high stocking
• A bit of yarn or string to make a hanger.
• An embroidery needle to thread the hanger though the end of the egg

1. Wrap the egg in three or four layers of dyed alpaca (carded fiber works better than un-carded fiber).
2. Stick the wrapped egg in the toe of an old knee-high stocking and loosely knot the stocking behind the egg.
3. Dip the whole thing in warm soapy water (a large bowl with just a dash of Dawn dishwashing liquid works well).
4. Squeeze and pat the egg in the stocking until the fiber seems to be felting around it. Don’t squeeze and pat so
much that the fiber felts right through the stocking.
5. Remove the egg from the stocking and squeeze and pat it some more. If you want to felt the fiber really tightly to
the egg and do it faster, when you take it out of the stocking throw it into your dryer while the egg is still damp.
Let it bang around in there and it will felt really tightly
6. You can make little hangers for them by stringing yarn through one end with an embroidery needle. Repeat with lots of colors and make a nice felted Easter Egg Tree.
7. You can just leave the felted egg on the plastic eggs or you can cut them off (bandage scissors work well) and have hatching eggs! Dye some fiber yellow (I use a mix of orange and lemonade Kool-aid to get a brighter yellow) and needle felt a little hatching chick!

felted easter eggs

felted easter eggs

Foam felted eggs with needle felted designs
You will need:
• Carded Dyed fiber
• Styrofoam Craft Eggs
• Soap (Dawn Dish washing liquid works well)
• A large dish with warm water
• An old knee high stocking
• A felting needle
• A bit of yarn or string to make a hanger.
• An embroidery needle to string the yarn through the felted egg.
The other way to make felted eggs is to purchase some Styrofoam eggs at the local craft store. They come in a variety of sizes. Any size will work it just depends what size egg you want to make. You felt the fiber to the egg in the same way as you do with the plastic eggs. You are not going to cut the egg off of these but you can needle felt lovely designs on them since there is a foam egg inside. Some ideas are just abstract designs like spots, or rings.
Alternatively, I like to do bunnies, chicks, flowers, even tiny little Easter baskets. You can then put a hanger on them and hang them up on your Easter egg tree. These make lovely presents! Happy Felting!

Thanks so much to Ann Merriwether of Nyala Farm Alpacas for sharing this awesome project with us. Ann lives in New York on a farm with both alpacas and sheep. She admits that she and her family are “fiberholics” and she is happy to teach others the joys of fiber arts.

What fiber or Easter projects are you working on? Leave a comment and share with us.

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