Super Stud El Nino Died While Protecting Herdmates


Full Accoyo herdsire, El Nino, owned by Pacific Crest Accoyo America, passed away in late 2008. El Nino was well-known as an incredibly pre-potent herdsire, siring an incredible number of Champion offspring and putting incredible fleeces on his get. Once breedings to El Nino were closed, a breeding to the elite sire sold for $18,000 at auction. His follicle testing results indicated a density of 89.2 follicles per square millimeter with an S/P (secondary to primary fibers) ratio of 12.5. In 2007, El Nino sheared 10.6 lbs. with a 6 lb. blanket.

Accoyo America released the following in their latest auction catalog:

Our beloved El Nino perished in the Christmas blizzard of 2008. While the polar front raged through the night freezing everything in its path, El Nino and his son Ulysses assumed their sentinel positions outside their respective stalls, protecting their mates from each other. We found them nearly frozen, refusing to yield. Ulysses survived; his father did not. I realized how valuable and prepotent El Nino was when at the Futurity 2006 I looked across the White Male Championship and noticed that 4 of the 8 first and second place finalists were El Nino sons, while the White Female Champion and Light Male Champion were also El Nino offspring. I am grateful that his dam, Accoyo Sunipani continues to produce at age 14 and that we have seven of his sons working as studs at Accoyo America. And yet…we’ll miss him.

5 Responses to “Super Stud El Nino Died While Protecting Herdmates”

  1. 1

    Where did El Nino live?

  2. 2

    What a fierce protector! Sounds like he was a once in a lifetime alpaca.

  3. 3

    Wow, i’m so amazed by the success of El Nino! What an amazing alpaca! That is a touching story, and I’m very sorry to hear about his passing away. He certainly leaves an exceptional legacy.
    Best, JoAnne Gerwe from Moa HandKnits

  4. 4

    hey Katie girl.
    i read that in greg’s publicatin and really lost a lot fo respect for that guy. he knew that El Nino was one of a kind. why in the name of God did he leave him and Ulysses outside?
    they have a humongous barn and the girls live there in winter and also has macho sections.
    with a blizzard coming, why did he not shut the door and live with them through the storm. there is a kitchen in there and many human comforts including heat!
    i do not get it as to how you can loose the most valuable gem in the crown?

  5. 5

    Barbara, he lived in Helvetia, Oregon.
    Caroline, It seems hard to believe. Maybe there’s more to the story. ?

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