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5 Do-It-Yourself Tricks For Saving Money on the Farm

Photo courtesy of Dutch Hollow Acres.

Recently we talked about ways to survive the recession. Continuing with that theme, there are aspects of running a farm business that many of us ”hire out”. Some are things that we can learn to do ourselves.  Here are 5 things that you can learn to do for your farm business, keeping more of what you earn in the process:

  1. Bookkeeping. If you pay someone to do your books, consider having them set you up with QuickBooks Pro 2009or something similar. This can save you some money and possibly help you be more organized.
  2. Veterinary work. Does your vet give shots? Run fecals and IGG tests? Trim teeth? Draw blood? These are all things that you can learn to do for yourself, which could result in significant savings for your farm.
  3. Advertising. Do you hire photographers and/or designers to do your advertising materials? This is an area where you might be able to learn some skills and save some money.
  4. Marketing. Are you taking advantage of the online (free) marketing opportunities available with social media? This is an area where you “pay” with the time you invest rather than with cash.
  5. Shearing. This is an excellent skill to have. Shearing your own alpacas saves money for sure. Plus it’s important to have this skill for emergencies.

Leave a comment and tell us – what are some other things farmers and ranchers can do to save themselves some money?

Cattlegrower – Social Media for Ranchers

Photo by Jim Snyder

Photo by Jim Snyder of Buggy Ridge Farms

Like MySpace and FaceBook but Only for Ranchers (Alpaca Ranchers included)

It’s common opinion that most ranchers are old school, set in their ways, and don’t like change.

Perhaps this thinking is why the live stock Industry has traditionally been behind the curve in adapting to and using technology. Perhaps this is why most ranchers can only rely on their own close circle of contacts to promote and market their products to. Perhaps this is why many live stock producers fail to realize their full potential, or worse yet, fail altogether.

High in the plains of Wyoming, Chad Golladay and his family of six raise Lowline Angus and hay on their modest 300 acre ranch which they began building just three short years ago after being hooked in to the business through a 4-H project for his nine year old daughter.

Says Chad, “Despite the numerous fairs, stock shows, etc. that we’ve participated in, it was always a challenge to make new contacts in the Industry, or keep in touch with those we were able to meet. It seemed that if you weren’t part of the ‘good old boy’ network that most doors and opportunities were very difficult to open.”

“I think we’ve all met many fine people we’d like to discover more about and learn from. But if you’re like me, too many result in lost contacts and lost business. With the advent of social networking sites like MySpace and FaceBook, I thought… ‘Why not a social network just for ranchers and livestock producers?’” says Chad. was born. A network community for livestock producers of all types and ages to connect, collaborate, and promote their operations.

Within only a few months of its creation, now boasts over 2,500 bovine, equine, sheep, goat, alpaca, and other livestock producers and enthusiasts who visit and contribute to the site regularly. boasts a robust and powerful platform that allows its Members to:

- Create and develop new contacts
- Share and learn from each other
- Expand their marketing reach

While anyone is allowed to visit as a guest, Members are able to:

- Post Classifieds
- Share video and pictures
- Create and join events
- Create and participate in polls
- Have their own web page profile for marketing

Best of all perhaps is there is NO COST to become a Member.

Says Chad, “I believe we all want to do better by ourselves, our operations, and our families. provides that possibility – Simple to understand and easy to use, yet powerful enough to be limited only by your imagination – best of all, it costs you nothing.”

To learn more about please visit

And when you get there, please friend, Alpaca Farmgirl! This is one of my favorite social media sites. What other social media sites do you use in your Farm Business?

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